This facility application request will be reviewed with facility policy, other calendar events and staff. Your request approval may take up to two weeks.

We place value on using the resources that God has given us with a commitment to excellence. The facility of Immanuel Church exists for the overall purpose of: 

"Helping People Take One Step Forward in their Relationship with Jesus Christ."

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Event Information

Tip: Please provide details. If for a shower, please list who/why.

Further Information

You will be hearing from a staff member soon regarding your request. At that time, if the event is approved, we will ask for a waiver form to be signed and a certificate of insurance (business only).

Submission of this form does not guarantee facility reservation.   Further information may be solicited. 

For Audio/Video/Custodial/Kitchen services, reimbursement may be requested.   

For weddings, further application (Wedding Application Form) will be necessary, as well as a meeting with an Immanuel Pastor or wedding coordinator. Weddings at Immanuel Church or Officiated by an Immanuel Pastor will be subject to Elder Approval.

For organizations requesting facility use, a liability statement from your insurer with Immanuel Church listed as a non-liable party may be required.