Thank you for your interest in serving Immanuel Church through worship! Please complete the following application and review the Worship Team expectations. An interview and/or audition may be requested once this form is submitted.

Worship Team Application

AV Team Application


1. Proper Stage Posture - "everything we do on stage communicates"

Our time on stage worshipping should be a continuation of what is happening in our lives. Come with your heart prepared. We value authenticity and transparency.

Our dress should be modest and humble.


2. "On time is late"

Rehearsals begin promptly at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays for vocals, 6:30 for everyone else, and 8:30 am on Sundays unless otherwise communicated.


3. Rehearsal is required

We need you to be on time and ready to go! Because we are a team, missing you means the entire team suffers.


4. Read your emails & overcommunicate

Read your emails, log-in to Elvanto ( to accept or decline dates which you are scheduled, and block out dates you are unavailable. If you do not accept or decline, we do not know if you will be there. Provide as much time as possible when you need to decline.


5. Everyone helps out

Learn where mics, earpacks, etc. are stored. Learn how to change batteries.

Put things away at the end of worship. Each Sunday - put away mics and ear backs. On tear-down Sundays we ask that everyone helps out! Even if you are not scheduled that Sunday.


6. Rehearsal and dress rehearsal

All technology for Sunday morning should be tested and setup to work as it should. Make sure the monitor mix is what you hope it will be. The more bugs we work out at rehearsal, the less hectic Sunday morning should be.


7. Team Player

Offer ideas for arrangements, email song ideas to Chris, etc. Ideas may or not be used, but all of them are seen as valuable. Don't play or sing all of the time. Prior to practice, listen to the original arrangements and come ready and informed of when to play and when to back off. 

"A great sounding band acts like a conversation rather than an Italian kitchen." - Sherrie Gould

Come to rehearsal having at least listened to the music, and especially having practiced any new songs. 


8. Grow

Each team member is expected to be responsible to grow musically and spiritually on their own. This is your responsibility. However, we as a church seek to help each other take one-step-forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ. If there is something you would like direction on, please let us know. 

About The Team

We are individuals who:

Profess faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

Agree to uphold and be held under Immanuel Church's Doctrinal Statement and confession of faith.

Sense God's calling to this area of ministry through devotions, prayer, and the abilities He has given me.

Agree to another area of serving that is more behind the scenes, in addition to the worship ministry.

Agree to continually develop the abilities God has given me through practice and prayerful petition.

Commit to public and private worship, prayer, and reading of the Bible. Not seeking to gain personal recognition or praise, but to guard myself.

Commit to an attitude of forgiveness and grace towards others in my words and actions, as well as follow the principals set forth in Matthew 18:15-17 to refrain from gossip or slander of any kind.


I will honor my commitment to this ministry for the next 6 months and protect the group rehearsal and personal practice time frames needed to be successful in this ministry. If I find myself not carrying out my part of this covenant, I agree to step down from the worship ministry until a time of reconciliation can be reached. 

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